About episil® oral liquid

episil® is a preservative-free oral liquid used for the relief of pain caused by lesions, sores and other inflammations in the mouth, such as oral mucositis. The mildly peppermint flavored product contains a patented mixture of lipids that in contact with saliva form a protective film that relieves pain caused by ulcers and sores in the mouth without a numbing effect. episil® liquid relieves oral pain within 5 minutes and for up to 8 hours, and has no known reported side effects in clinical studies (Ref. 1).

With episil® oral liquid there is no need for any mixing or measuring of medications before use. The product comes in a ready-to-use, pocket-sized, pump device, and can conveniently be used right before meals (Ref. 4).

episil® oral liquid is available in 10 ml (66 applications). One dose of episil® liquid (1-3 applications) delivers up to 8 hours of relief from oral mucositis pain (Ref. 1).

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Who can use episil® oral liquid

episil® oral liquid is used for the treatment of oral pain caused by oral mucositis. Oral mucositis can be induced by radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatment. The risk is higher with certain types of drugs prescribed for certain types of cancers. It is also much higher if you receive both radiation and chemotherapy (Ref. 3,5-8).

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How episil® oral liquid works

Advantages of episil® oral liquid

  • Long-lasting effects up to 8 hours (Ref. 1)
  • Allows eating and drinking 5 minutes after application (Ref. 1)
  • Convenient, ready-to-use, pocket- sized device (Ref. 1,2)
  • No mixing, gargling or rinsing required (Ref. 3)
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